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Our MOTO1 Timer is the most accurate because it uses infrared technology, rather than a GPS signal.  The timer is simple to use, as well as easy to mount to your race machine!  The large display makes it easy to see your lap times as well as the red and green indicators that provide instant feedback.  This information helps you to accelerate performance improvement.    

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LAPSTAR is the most accurate timer available in motocross; recording lap times to 1/100 of a second.

The instant feedback is simple! Red and green lights indicate whether you beat your previous lap time and if it was your best lap time.  This improves performance by allowing you to instantly see your results every lap.  

With LAPSTAR, you'll be able to see your progress with your own eyes, in real time and to review after you're done riding.  What could spark your competitive drive better than competing for your personal best?  Let Lapstar drive you to perform to the best of your ability.

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The infrared Transmitter is easy to use!  Simply place on the side of the track and turn on the switch. As you ride by, it records your time.  Not only is their simplicity in the Transmitter use, it's also easy to transport and store due to its small size, 18" tall, and light weight, less than a pound.  It's also water resistant, and collapsible.  If it gets run over, it just pops back up.  


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Order your own LAPSTAR system today to see your training excel!  

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